L’Abattoir Végétal: the new healthy vegan location in Paris

Nested behind Montmartre, settled in a former butcher shop of the neighborhood, L’Abattoir Végétal is a hybrid place that is a mix of coffee shop, healthy bistrot, grocery store and juice bar. Focus on this new vegetal place that smells like spring.

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An organic, vegan and healthy adress
Founded by Ava et Bastien Lagatta, this adress offers healthy and seasonal food, made with fresh products by Chef Jenny Boniton. Here, the lunch menu is renewed every 3 days and offers vegetarian or vegan meals, organic, free of gluten and additives, and unpasteurized. Thus, one can enjoy on the spot coleslaw falafels accompanied by a creamy lemon sauce infused with rosemary, or vitamin rich toasts like the “Toast vert” avocado, spinach, feta, seeds and gomasio based. For dessert, the vegan chocolate mousse awaits you! L’Abattoir Végétal also serves cold pressed juices and smoothies like the "Légèreté" made with coconut and spring water, lime, honey et and chia seeds.

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Local producers in the grocery corner
L’Abattoir Végétal works with local producers. That is the case for its organic infusions from Chic des Plantes ! Which we mentioned last January in the blog of Green Hotels Paris, the Eiffel Trocadéro and the Gavarni. The restaurant has a grocery corner where one can purchase the same products used in the preparation of meals: honey from Hédène, Café Coutume or Confiture Parisienne. Lastly, L’Abattoir Végétal is open all day long. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a latte like the “Cocospice Chaï” which is made of cardamom, cinnamon and coconut milk, in the morning for breakfast before going, before venturing through Paris hunting for an exhibition.

Open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30a.m. to 6p.m., on Thursday from 8:30a.m. to midnight, Saturday from 10a.m. to midnight, and Sunday from 10a.m. to 6p.m.
Closed on Mondays.
Midday formula: €15,50.
Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, from 11a.m. to 4p.m.
Full rate: €25 / Children rate (until 10): €5.

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Abattoir Végétal (Facebook's page in french)
61, rue Ramey
75018 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 57 60 62
Metro: Marcadet-Poissonniers (lines 4 and 12).

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