PlantNet: The application dedicated to botany

Good news for those who do not have green fingers—the free application Pl@ntNet comes to your rescue. Through a simple photo, it provides a wealth of information on nature surrounding you! Considered as the ‘Shazam for plants’, Pl@ntNet enables everyone to contribute to agricultural development and the management of biodiversity. You come upon an unknown plant during a stroll with your family? First of all, take a picture with your smartphone. Choose then among the proposed categories—flower, leaf, fruit or bark. The search is launched among the 230,000 images of the 6,100 listed species. You have several results—with a higher number of stars if there are many similarities. It is up to you to identify or not to identify your specimen and then to share your photo with the Latin name suggested. Nature won’t hold any secrets for you anymore!

Pl@ntNet application, available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

Photo: Pierre Bonnet © Pla@ntNet

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