Ocean Plastic – 100% recycled plastic bottles

Sea pollution has reached a terrifying point: the 30 million tons of plastic waste dumped in the oceans each year have now formed a 7th continent! It is now clear that everyone – manufacturers as well as individuals – should try to reduce their environmental impact and help clean up the oceans as much as they can. Ecover, a company specialised in green cleaning products, has been committed to defending the environment for over 30 years. Among other things, they created the first phosphate-free washing products; all of their detergents are made from plant-based and mineral ingredients in factories designed to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Ocean plastic: a brainwave
Ecover has taken a step in helping the planet by creating “Ocean Plastic”, the first 100% recyclable bottle made from waste plastic fished out of the ocean. In one year, nearly 10 tons of plastic waste have been collected from the seas. These bottles are made with 10% recycled Ocean Plastic – the remaining plastic is recycled from other sources. 15 000 bottles have been made this year, and will be available from the end of August in Biocoop shops near the coast.

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