Think Dirty: the iPhone app that hunts cancerous cosmetics

Beauty addicts who are concerned about their health have learned to read their products' labels thanks to Greenpeace's Cosmétox guide (published in 2005), which tackles the issue of cancerous cosmetics. Now there is a free iPhone app that enables you to know the composition of your favorite products, in a quick and simple way, directly at the supermarket or perfumery. It's called Think Dirty.


Photo credits: Think Dirty Facebook page

Identify toxic substances in a blink of an eye
Beauty app Think Dirty, available for free on the Apple Store, is very entertaining. You just have to scan the bar codes of the creams and body lotions you are interested in to obtain the analysis of their composition and know their impact on your health. Think Dirty also provides you with a list of "clean" products, in order to replace the badly-rated ones. The data come from NGOs, but also from American, Canadian and European governments. To this day, the app comprises more than 12,000 cosmetic products.

Learn more about Think Dirty.

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Friday May 29th, 2015

Bonjour Pascale,

Oui, il existe une application équivalente pour les aliments : Noteo.
Plus d'infos :
Belle journée à vous,
L'équipe de Green Hotels Paris

Wednesday May 27th, 2015


Existe t'il une application équivalente pour les aliments?

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