Surya Brasil: 100% vegan cosmetics made in Amazonia

We will never say it enough: the Amazonian forest is the lung of the earth and is full of treasures we have to protect. This is what Clélia Angelon, founder of Surya Brasil cosmetic brand is trying to explain. She conceived eight ranges of organic and natural products made of Amazonian plants and fruit (Açaï, Acerola, etc.) which are all free of synthetic fragrance, parabens, solvents, silicons and mineral oils. These Cosmébio certified products are made of at least 95% organic plant ingredients, extracted in a responsible way, in order to ensure the preservation of the Amazonian region and of its populations. Besides, they have exceptional properties, including hydrating and regenerative virtues, and smell of coconut, mango, vanilla and raspberry (natural scents). Encouraged by the success of her brand, Clélia Angelon opened an organic Spa in Sao Paulo. Let's hope a second store will soon open in Paris!

You will find the list of Surya Brasil outlets in France on the brand's official website.

©Surya Brasil

©Surya Brasil

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