The Louxor says yes to ecology!

On April 18, the Louxor Theater reopened its doors after 3 years of renovation. Built during the 20s by the architect Henri Zipcy and the ceramist Amedee Tiberti, the theater quickly became busy. Turned into a nightclub in 1983, it was abandoned in 1987. It is only in 2003 that the city of Paris bought the building that belonged then to the group TATI. After many years of negotiations, the Louxor is finally revived.

1st building with geothermal energy in Paris
The city of Paris took up the challenge to renovate a building with a front ranked historical monument while installing a system of sustainable energy. As the architect managing the building site, Philippe Pumain, explains: “geothermal energy is a trend today. The City of Paris has shown voluntarism. We did something a bit experimental here. We can’t know the extent of the work before we start drilling. The water table isn’t the same everywhere.”


A technical installation
A thermo-fridge pump was installed deep down 80 meters, on the building’s water table. It will enable heating during winter and cooling during summer. The Louxor’s energy consumption is under 80/kWhep/m2/year. Without its installation, it would have been 6 times bigger.

It is the perfect occasion to mix cultural pleasure with commitment for the environment while going out in Paris!

Louxor – Palais du Cinema
170, boulevard de Magenta
75010 Paris
Subway: Barbes-Rochechouart (L.2 & 4)

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