Best Global Green Brands

For a few years now, the global agency Interbrand has been publishing the Best Global Green Brands, an annual report on the greenest brands, based on their environmental performance and on how the consumers see them. This year, the first rank is taken by car manufacturer Ford, followed by Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Good news of this year's report: 50% of the ranks are taken by carmakers. Indeed, over 36 new models of eletrical and hybrid vehicles have  the market in 2013, thus satisfying an increasing demand from the consumers.

The second sector that is more and more into ecology is electronics. Panasonic, Nokia and Sony are just behind the four top-ranked car manufacturers. Within a year, Philips moved from rank 23 to 14. Such data seems to prove that new technologies can go hand in hand with environment protection.

Some fashion brands have also made a lot of progress, like Adidas, moving from rank 15 to 8, and Zara, who gains 14 ranks and ends up in the 34th place. One of the brand's goals is to make all its store become eco-efficient by 2020. L'Oréal is the only cosmetics brand in the rankings, together with Avon, whose activity in France stopped after a compulsory liquidation. This result is quite surprising given the number of organic cosmetics brands on the market.

See the 2014 Best Global Green Brands.


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