China: pay your subway ticket by recycling plastic bottles!

China people never cease to amaze us. Dragging behind them their polluters’ reputation, following their industrial development, they are also the first to propose innovations regarding garbage.

While we find more and more dustbins dedicated to waste sorting in chic neighborhoods, the rest of the country, and especially countrysides, are polluted. Detritus strew sols, and especially a lot of plastic packagings. Junk collection being nonexistent, people have to run garbage themselves. Knowing water is not drinkable, many water or tea bottles are sold, added to the long list of waste on soils.

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Clever recycling machines displayed on the subway
To overcome this problem, 10 distributors are being tested on the line 10 of the subway. Their goal is to favor recycling and public transportation, since Chinese people use their bike or electric scooter a lot. Their operation is simple, you have to insert a plastic bottle and wait twenty seconds until it’s being crushed at one third of its original size. By recycling 20 bottles, you will get a free subway ticket, or the amount of money collected is filed on your pass. If you try to recycle any other material, such as paper, it will be automatically spit, impossible to cheat!

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