Play by Alexander Ekman at Opéra de Paris

Play by  Alexander Ekman

Duration : 2h05

Dates : September 28th to November 6th 2021

Metro : M9 (20 min)

Bicycle : 19 min

Play, first ballet of the swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman, created for the Opera’s ballet dancers, was represented at the Palais Garnier in December 2017. The choreographer invites the performers to a huge playground where emotions and fantasy are set free. To the sound of the original music by Mikael Karlsson, their bodies change into deer-silhouettes or dive into colourful fields of balls. Play is a performance with a communcative energy which mingles dance, drama, music and singing, in a festive spirit, burlesque, really humourous, but nevertheless not devoid of depth.

Further information about the choreographer Alexander Ekman :

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