Paléo TOI-MÊME: the healthy 100% organic and bespoke snacks

Inspired by the Palaeolithic diet which consists in eliminating refined sugar, processed food, starches (carbohydrates) and dairy products from daily consumption, the French food-box Paléo TOI-MÊME was imagined for busy people who work a lot and don’t have time to prepare snacks. It’s quite easy: every month, the subscriber receives a bespoke food-box prepared by organic head chef Laurence Salomon. It can contain from 8 up to 16 healthy and organic certified snacks. Among the wide range of products, the selection can be made up of berries, dried fruit, oilseeds, raw chocolate, muesli, biltong (dried beef), fenalar, fruit crisps or sashimi, sesame pasteli, fruit pulp laces, seeds, etc. Paléo TOI-MÊME also thought of people with allergies or food intolerances and provides gluten-free, vegan or lactose-free snacks. Don’t wait any longer and try the delicious Paléo TOI-MÊME preparations, which you can enjoy wherever you are, even during your trip back home, after a stay at the Green Hotels Paris, the Eiffel Trocadéro and the Gavarni.

Box Découverte (8 snacks): €19.99 per month / Box Chasseur (16 snacks): €39.99 per month.
The Paléo TOI-MÊME food-boxes are available on the website of the brand (in French).

© Paléo TOI-MÊME

© Paléo TOI-MÊME

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Authentic: organic juices, vegan and gluten-free crisps
March 08, 2018

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