Good Goût: the organic baby food specialist

Created in 2010 by Mikaël Aubertin and Alexandra Butruille, the Good Goût brand specialises in organic food for babies and children. Currently, its range consists of about 50 adorably packaged products.

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Original and organic recipes
The strength of Good Goût lies in its ability to offer organic and tasty dishes for babies from 4 to 36 months and kids older than 3. Each recipe is developed by a starred chef who focuses on a particular ingredient which accounts for at least 60% of the product composition. Thus, the younger ones are able to discover new flavours every day: artichoke-parsnip and parmesan cheese, Williams pear compote, banana-orange blossom stirred yogurts, polenta with celery and salmon etc. Good Goût has thought of everything: its packaging is recyclable thanks to its partnership with the TerraCycle programme, which eliminates all "non-recyclable" components (coffee capsules, pens etc.). The brand’s containers are BPA-free and phthalate-free. Good Goût’s desserts, dishes, cereal, snacks and other fruit and vegetable purees are sold in supermarkets and organic stores, as well as on the brand’s website.

Brassé Banane Fleur d’oranger (banana-orange blossom yoghurt): €1.20 / Gourde poire Williams (Williams pear compote): €1.25 / Plat Artichaut Panais Pâtes Parmesan (artichoke-parsnip and parmesan pasta): €2.99 / Polenta au céleri et saumon (polenta with celery and salmon): €2.79.
Visit (website only available in French) for more information.

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