Fleurance Nature launched a range of organic infusions!

We have already spoken to you about Fleurance Nature, this brand of organic cosmetics and baby care made in France created in 1972. This time, we’re presenting their latest creation: organic infusions. Fleurance Nature offers a range of 7 organic and 100% natural infusions made in France. For instance, the Detox infusion with anise, prepared with a mixture of peppermint which stimulates digestion, burdock known for its detoxifying properties and a hint of purifying nettle. Fleurance Nature also thought of anxious people and made an infusion Détente (relaxing infusion), to relieve daily stress and treat sleeping disorders. It contains Matricaria, lemon balm as well as extracts of bigarade orange which help induce relaxation. Flavoured with lavender and vervain, it is both nutritious and delicious! Go visit the Fleurance Nature shop located on rue du commerce in Paris’ 15th arrondissement and treat yourself to healthy products to feel good inside and out!

Infusion Détente du soir bio (relaxing infusion): €3.90 / Infusion Détox bio (detox infusion): €3.90.
Fleurance Nature products are sold on the website of the brand, as well as in its shop located on rue du Commerce.

© Fleurance Nature

Fleurance Nature (website in French)
62, rue du Commerce
75015 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 87 17 58
Metro: Commerce (line 8) or Avenue Emile Zola (line 10).

© Fleurance Nature

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