Natural Branding, the eco-friendly branding of organic fruits and vegetables

In February 2017, Delhaize, a chain of Belgian supermarkets established in 1867, conceived in February 2017 a new method of branding organic fruits and vegetables: Natural Branding. Created with intent to get rid of plastic packaging which contributes to pollution, that which is still used to distinguish organic from normal products, this technique directly aims to brand the organic label with a laser on organic fruits and vegetables. 100% guaranteed and ecological, Natural Branding’s method consists of removing the pigment from the outer coating of peel using a high-resolution laser. This process does not affect the taste, smell, or conservation of the product, but allows a new, green innovation which prevents the use of glue, ink, paper, liquid, or any other material which serves as a basis for packaging. Consequently, the total sum of energy expended in order to make and transport traditional packaging is also reduced. Over time, this technology will help to lessen waste by approximately 13 tons per year.

Natural Branding”, technology launched by the group Brussels-Delhaize, in February 2017.
More information in the press section of the brand’s website (in French).

Butternut © Delhaize

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