Vegan revolution is underway!

As the vegan revolution seems to be underway, few of us know its origins. The Gavarni Hotel looks into the subject and gives you the key elements!

The origins
The word “vegan” appeared in 1944, thanks to Donald Watson, following an ideological disagreement with the Vegetarian Society. Its exact definition is the following: “way of life looking to expel, as long as it is possible and feasible, any form of exploitation and cruelty to animals, whether it is to eat, get dressed or to any other goal.”

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Vegans and vegetarians: same thing?
These two notions are above all very different ways of life and not only diets. To sum up, a vegetarian doesn’t eat meat and, sometimes, fish, shellfish and eggs, but he eats milk products. A vegan goes further by eating only products coming from the soil (fruits, vegetables, cereals etc.). Some people go even further by cutting every sort of products coming from animals (fish, meat, shellfish, milk, eggs, honey). They also refuse to wear leather, wool, silk, feathers and fur. Exploitation of animals or cruelty against them is strictly prohibited for some vegans who then refuse to go to circuses or zoos. However, this way of life is difficultly 100% applicable, hence criticism vegans have to face on a regular basis.


More information about vegans here.

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