PlantOburo: when gardening gets settled at work

New green concept, PlantOburo brings gardening to our workplaces thanks to vegetable gardens at work!


A crafty and green concept
Created by a man from Alsace named Noham Choulant, PlantOburo assists companies which want to revegetate by creating them green spaces such as gardens or vegetable gardens— whether indoors or outdoors—through terraces. The principle is simple—PlantOburo estimates the needs of the site and takes into account hazards like the prevailing winds or the sun’s orientation in order to place plants at best. Thereafter, PlantOburo gathers the employees in order to know those who want to participate to this project—by pitching in! Thus, they will be able to garden in their workplace planting seeds of their choice in wooden trays which slot together with substratum. This initiative was launched in partnership with the association Brin de Paille—which promotes permaculture of which the functioning ensures the soil to still have its natural fertility—without being attacked. This system also encourages biodiversity since it is possible to mix the type of seeds, in order to grow flowers, vegetables, trees, aromatic herbs, etc. Finally, this type of initiative allows employees to feel better in their company—thanks to the reduction of stress.

For more information on PlantOburo (in French).


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