Almost naked, hair totally ruffled, with fluorescent mittens, leather bracelets and wearing so many crucifixes, she represented for millions of young girls and boys a major cultural shock as well as being a source of inspiration and boundless joyful moments. Outraged parents, provocative sexuality, fans in a trance… A wild dream for teenagers ! 

After years spent selecting constant changes in order to become the star we know, it is a pure pleasure to discover the freshness of this shooting achieved by Kenji Wakasugi in 1985 in Tokyo during the Madonna’s first trip to Japan to promote, at the time, her second album « Like a Virgin ». The photographer was allowed only 45 minutes to capture this new artist for the magazine Playboy. But he just didn’t need any more to catch forever the birth of this icon, her insolence, the intensity of her glance, her strength of character and her unlimited willpower and determination.

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