The floating garden on the Berges de Seine (Seine’s banks), it’s coming soon!

The constructions on the left side of the Seine will end during Spring 2013 to finally reveal the floating garden on the banks.

Photo credit: Mairie de Paris

A garden on the water, unbelievable!
Large of 1800m2, it embraces no less than 5 little islands linked with each other by footbridges, which are all accessible to everyone from the bank. Each one of them will rest upon a floating structure and will be belted for your safety by a 1 meter balustrade. This green way will be planted with 55 water trees, 220 bushes, and 1920 grasses. Enough to make a beautiful range of the Seine specific plants. And that’s in addition to the semi-aquatic plants between the floating garden and the bank.

Les berges : construction du jardin flottant par mairiedeparis

Les berges : construction du jardin flottant par mairiedeparis

A 5 island archipelago to discover!
The different islands of the archipelago will dispose of a vegetation and furnitures that are proper to them. Mostly mineral, the central island is no other than the main access point to the islands from the bank. On the left, you just have to take the footbridge to reach the meadow island, which you will distinguish by its high grass in which you will enjoy laying down during the sunny afternoons that we are impatiently waiting for. Then, you will get to the bird island, the wildest of them. On the latter, there will be a huge greenhouse, and a great aviary. On the other side of the platform stands the orchard island, where the space will be used for the plantation of apple trees. And finally, on the extreme right, you will discover the haze island, whose name comes from the automatic watering system pumped from the Seine, specially installed for its vegetation.

We don’t know about you, but as for us, we can’t wait for spring to show up!

The Floating Garden will be situated next to the Alma bridge, on the Left Bank of the Seine, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.
Subway station: Alma Marceau (L.9)

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