Borderline: 100% natural fruit juices

This new brand proposes 100% natural fruit juices made in France, more precisely in the Alsace region (north-east). The brand's recipe for success? Joyful and colorful packagings, with funny and catchy names, and above all, the use of French quality products. These natural fruit juices are free of conservative and colorants. Borderline do not add sugar nor water to its delicious nectars. They are simply pasteurized during the bottling process (heated to 75°C for around 15 seconds). You just have to taste them!

Borderline fruit juices bottle, from €2.
Available at Colette, Lafayette Gourmet at the Atelier Guy Martin, and at La grande épicerie de Paris.


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Monday August 7th, 2017

Il est dommage que ces jus soient chauffés à 75°. La plupart des nutriments sont détruits au passage. Pourquoi ne pas conserver la fraicheur des aliments ?

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