Fleurance Nature unveils its travel-sized organic cosmetics

In addition to its organic baby care products and infusions, Fleurance Nature launched a brand new range of travel-sized organic cosmetics. Every beauty product you use daily has been rethought to fit your holiday travel toiletry bag. Specialised in organic cosmetics, Fleurance Nature’s goal is to make organic beauty accessible to everyone. So why not succumb to these affordable pocket-sized cosmetics? Four face care products are already available: Damask rose and bitter orange floral waters, cleansing and purifying burdock gel and rose-flavoured micellar water. As for the body, Fleurance Nature turned six of its creations into pocket-sized versions: Coursiana water, Citrus Delight and White Flower shower gels, Witch Hazel shampoo, exfoliating argan body scrub, aloe vera gel and regenerating body milk with royal jelly. They are all available in the Fleurance Nature shop located on rue du Commerce, in Paris’ 15th arrondissement.

Fleurance Nature travel-sized face care products rates:
Gel Nettoyant Purifiant à la Bardane (Burdock cleansing gel) – €4.90
Eau Micellaire Démaquillante à la Rose (Rose-flavoured micellar water) – €3.90
Eau Florale de Rose de Damas (Damask Rose floral water) – €4.50
Eau Florale d’Oranger Bigaradier (Bitter Orange floral water) – €4.50

Fleurance Nature Rose Micellar Water 50 ml © Fleurance Nature

Fleurance Nature travel-sized body care products rates:
Gel Douche Eau de Coursiana (Coursiana water shower gel) – €3.50
Gel douche Eau des Délices Agrumes & Fleurs blanches (Citrus Delight and White Flower shower gel) – €3.50
Shampooing Doux à l’Hamamélis (Witch Hazel shampoo) – €3.50
Gommage Corps à l’Argan (Argan body scrub) – €5.90
Gel Aloe vera (Aloe vera gel) – €5.90
Lait Corps Nutri-Régénérant à la Gelée Royale (Royal jelly body milk) – €5

Fleurance Nature (website only available in French)
62, rue du Commerce
75015 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 87 17 58
Metro: Commerce (line 8) or Avenue Emile Zola (line 10).

Fleurance Nature Travel-Sized Argan Body Scrub 50 ml © Fleurance Nature

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