Estime&Sens launches 4 new organic body oils

French organic cosmetics brand Estime&Sens is launching four new Huiles Aériennes (body oils) that combine the moisturizing action of pure oil with the light texture of dry oil. Designed by Yann Maurel-Loré, the brand's beautician-creator, each formula joins together the benefits of organic Sesame oil with another oil. Thus, the body oil N°1 Fruity Perfume of Fig-Coco is enriched with organic macadamia oil, protective and nourishing. Body oil N°2 Flower Perfume of Ylang-Ylang is associated with milk thistle oil, which is particularly moisturizing. The N°3 Gourmand Perfume “Petit Beurre” is reinforced with sweet almond oil, which softens and soothes. Finally, the body oil N°4 Fresh Perfume of Yuzu guarantees satiny skin thanks to the jojoba oil! We love the practical spray bottle which facilitates application and allows an economical and fast dosage. Estime&Sens brand products are sold exclusively in spas and beauty salons, notably at Mum & Babe, where, while mom is making herself beautiful, we take care of her children.

Huiles Aériennes (Spray 100ml): €22.
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Huiles Aériennes Estime&Sens
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