The eco-friendly cigarette stub

How to turn a bad habit into a favor for the environment ? Ben Forman has the answer to this question. This young London industrial designer had the idea to create biodegradable cigarettes which filter contains a seed.

For a cigarette stub thrown, a flower planted. Here is how to turn smokers into gardeners. With 30 billion cigarette stubs thrown on French sidewalks a year, the Cigg Seeds imagined by Ben Forman could make this toxic waste a real opportunity for our environment. The designer is one of the rare who have the idea to approach smoking from an environmental point of view, rather than a sanitary one. For lack of fixing the mortality issue, he decided to serve the nature and therefore our planet.


The Cigg Seeds, a struggle against pollution
It takes years for a single cigarette stub to degrade. Biodegradable, the Cigg Seeds seems like an efficient solution to reduce not only soil but also water pollution. However, this invention hasn’t been commercialized yet. Smokers must learn how not to decorate sidewalks with their stubs anymore by using portable ashtrays or snuffers provided for that purpose. Otherwise, polluters should expect a 35€ fine.

Learn more about Cigg Seeds.


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