Text written by Claudine Galea

Staged by Stanislas Nordev

In 2004, the photo, of a young American woman soldier holding on a leash a naked prisoner lying on the ground in the Abou Ghraib prison in Irak, came out in the press. Claudine Galea, author, discovered it , and, shocked, she pinned it on her office wall. What did this picture trigger in her mind? During fifteen months she attempted to write about « the possibilities of torture and horror », in vain; she was constantly rejected to the borderlines of her subject. To the moment when she succeeded ,at last , to express, in a poetical and crude language what this image suggested about the links between power relationships, the will to humiliate, childhood and sexuality. Stanislas Nordey gives life , with the comedian Cécile Brune, to these words which go far beyond common sense, through which a woman dares to challenge inhumanity in order to give birth to a new life force.

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