Hempcrete – an ecological material to replace concrete

Building is one of the most polluting industries in the world… in figures, building alonerepresents 40% of the world’s energy and resources. We must keep in mind that concrete is the second most widelyconsumedelementon our planet, justafterwater! And, its environmental impact deserves to be considered in order to findgreener alternatives. One of the best solutions is the “Hempcrete”, a natural concrete made with hemp. This building materialderived from hemp offers an ecological alternative to concrete, providing even more numerous advantages. Less brittle than concrete, this material has proved it can resistextreme conditions, and it also acts as an efficient insulator - it remains fresh in summer and keeps the heat in winter. Noteworthy : France comes first in the production of hemp. France is also first as regards buidings made of hempconcrete.

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