Saype , Timeshot, the exhibition !

You're bound to be familiar with the Land Art works of French artist: Guillaume Legros, better known under the pseudonym Saype.
Since 2015, the land artist has been unveiling monumental ephemeral works on social networks, in 4 corners of the world: Paris, Liverpool, Buenos Aires,Turin, Geneva, Montreal, Istanbul, New York, Tokyo, , La Plagne...).

These black-and-white, life-size works are displayed on the ground, on all surfaces: grass, but also sometimes on earth, sand or snow.
The aim is to "impact mentalities without impacting nature", thanks to an "eco-responsible" paint process based essentially on chalk and charcoal.

His monumental frescoes have been seen by millions on social networks. In particular, this project in support of the SOS Méditerranée association, carried out in Geneva in 2018, has been seen by 120 million people worldwide!

A fascinating body of work that Galerie Danysz decided to showcase this spring with Saype's very first solo exhibition in the capital. Entitled "Timeshot,

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