Sans famille at the Comédie française (Without a family)

Based on Hector Malot’s novel

Produced by Léna Bréban

At the Vieux Colombier

From December the 8th 2021, to January the 9th 2022

Métro : M9 > M1

By bicycle : 17 mn

Sans Famille is a french novel by Hector Malot, published in 1878 by Edouard Dentu in Paris. The story takes place in the XIXth century. An abandoned child, Rémi,was sold by his adoptive parents to an entertainer called Vitalis. Travelling along french and english roads, the child did many different jobs before discovering the secret of his origins.

Without sweetening the novel, the drama gives life and colour to the adventures of the young hero. Léna Bréban knows how much this coming-of-age yesteryear novel can bring us to see with a different point of view those whom exile has brought to sleep in our streets. Beyond the family ring, Rémi also reminds us of the importance of the numerous encounters which help us grow up.

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