Scientists have developed a new technique to clean solar panels without using water

In order to maximize the productivity of solar panels, their surface must be as clean as possible. But the fact that they are exposed outside and that they are oriented almost horizontally makes them particularly subject to the accumulation of dust. From now on, it will be possible to keep them clean by using the properties of static electricity instead of water.

Usually, the surface of the solar panels is cleaned with water to avoid any scratches. It is essential that they are kept clean to guarantee the best reception of sun-rays by the cells.

But, using water in large quantities to achieve this, is a real problem, especially in desert areas, but also in general as far as it concerns the preservation of our ressources and of our environment. Cleaning the panels without water and yet avoiding to scratch their surface is the challenge faced by a team of American scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This team from the MIT has operated by using the properties of electrostatics.

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