OuiHop’: the app for real-time carpooling

To compensate for the underserved zones in France, an application was launched in October, 2015. Its name: OuiHop'. It is the first application of urban hitch-hiking, also called dynamic or real-time carpooling. Thanks to OuiHop', drivers and pedestrians are instantly linked without planning, thanks to the GPS navigation of the routes of vehicles. Thus, if drivers and pedestrians are in close proximity to one another and headed the same way, it will be indicated to them via the app.

What are the advantages?
The drivers, in exchange for their participation, earn a virtual currency named "Hopiz". The latter can be converted into rewards: insurance, parking, maintenance of the car etc. As for the pedestrians, they pay 2 euros for 30 days of use of the application. The first three trips are free. It’s certainly a beautiful initiative to travel while polluting less and sharing rides with several passengers.

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OuiHop’ is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
Free app.

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