The Aquarium de Paris is opening at night!

After taking us behind the scenes last summer, the Aquarium de Paris now suggests strolling through its corridors at night, champagne in hand, to explore the 10,000 fish that populate the site's 50 tanks! From 7p.m. for their "Nights", lovers or families with children can admire the nocturnal lighting. A unique, privileged experience and way to discover the aquarium differently, in a more peaceful atmosphere and see the changes in the behaviour of species at night. The tour ends with a pause at the touch pool where the public can touch freshwater fish, such as goldfish and koi.

© Aquarium de Paris

The charme of the Parisian night
At 10p.m. head to the restaurant to try fresh and tasty food opposite a 650,000 litre tank, full of sharks, rays and silver jack fish. On the menu: Muscovy duck with a touch of foie gras; Charolais beef tenderloin with fried beetroot; oyster and shiitake mushrooms, and chocolate cake and melting caramel heart. This exclusive evening continues from 11.30p.m. until dawn in the aQuarium club, still opposite that impressive tank, enjoying the charms of the Parisian night.

"Nights" of the Aquarium de Paris, every Saturday, from 7p.m. to 10p.m for the tour + glass of champagne. Adults: €27,90 / Children: €22,90.
Night Tour + Dinner from 9p.m.: €69,90.
Clubbing from 11.30p.m. to 6.30a.m.: from €180 to € 1,000 a bottle for prestige vintages.


© Aquarium de Paris

Aquarium de Paris
5, avenue Albert de Mun
75016 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 69 23 23
Metro: Trocadéro (lines 6 and 9) or Iéna (line 9).

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